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【2018-10-26】Jiangmen municipal leaders visit our “expand production project”

2018年10 月26日,江门市委举办攻坚会议暨三季度“两看两比”活动,我司增资扩产项目接受了市委领导的检阅。 早上11:45,市委领导一行到达我司增资扩产项目现场,圭峰会城党工委书记向市委领导介绍了建设情况。
为集约使用土地,推动企业创新发展,公司计划3年投资2.2亿元,零增地增资扩产, 其中一期投资约1亿元,兴建5层办公楼和5层智能化生产车间,预计产能可提升30% 二期项目将投资1.2亿元,建成5层智能化生产车间及10层科研楼,打造研发+销售+生产全智能化生产企业。

On October 26th,2018, Secretary Municipal Jiangmen City Committee of the CPC held a conference about promoting economic growth, and at the same time initiated the “two inspections and two competitions”of the third quarter. The projects for assets expansion in our company was reviewed by the leaders of the municipal party committee.
At 11:45 am, the government leaders arrived at our factury site. Party committee secretary of Guifeng introduced current progress. In order to promote the intensive use of land and the innovation and development of our company, Henglong plans to invest 220 million yuan within three years, which expands production without increase land. The first phase investment is about 100 million yuan, which is used for a 5-floor office building and intelligent manufactureing workshop. It is expected to increase the production capacity by 30%. The second phase investment will be 120 million yuan to build a 5-floor intelligent workshop and a10 floor research building, which will lead us to an intelligent enterprises combining R & D, sales and manufacture.