[Plastic bag workshop]

Main machine and equipment:

28 film blowing machines
13 printing press machines
7 vest machines
38 diecut bag making machines
1 saddle bag machine
12 edge sealing machines
6 rolling vest bag machines
5 glove machines
6 handle bag machines
1 ultrasonic machine
2 screw air compressor
3 punch press machines

* Production quantities of the plastic bag workshop: 500-600 tons per month
Plastic bag printing machine: includes 6 colors for 2 sides , total 12 color printing
Maximum specification: vest plastic bag 25x40; flat plastic bag 1000X2000mm; side sealing plastic bag 1000X1000mm

Raw materials: HDPE, LDPE, MDPE
Use 100 % virgin material production
The raw material can pass FDA & EU TEST

Product types: T-shirt bag,die cut handle bag, side sealing bag, roll bag, roll T-shirt bag, draw string bag, gloves, bio-degradable bag

Test instruments: Drop dart impact test, Electronic tensile test machine, thickness tester, Load-bearing machine

[Injection molding & small appliance workshop]

Main machine and equipment:

69 injection molding machines (80-630 tons)
2 two color injection molding machines
7 crusher
4 wire-cut electrical discharge machines (WEDM)
7 blender mixers
2 bottle blowing machines
8 processing center machines
6 turret milling machines
6 vertical type color mixing machines
10 refrigerators
5 single-girder cranes
6 Planer milling machine

* Production quantities of injection molding workshop: 200 tons per month Equipped with automatic mechanical arm system, silicone automatic install equipment
Maximum size: 60*35*40cm

Raw materials: PP,PS,ABS, PE
Use 100 % new material production
The product can pass FDA , LFGB & EU test.

Product types: Tstorage box, cereal dispenser, cooler box, cake carrier, bathroom accessories, salad bowl, kitchen utensils

Test instruments: lock durability test, airtight test, microwave oven test, dishwasher test, color difference test, thickness test.

[Business process]

Product design R&D

3D print sampling

Mold building

Product packaging design

Small batch production

Quality feedback

Mass production

Quality control


[Warehouse service]

[Marketing promotion]

Henglong designs and develops many new products according to market trend every year.
We actively contact global customers to promote our creative products, and we have built a large new and old customer base through years of global exhibitions.


Carton Fair

Frankfurt Exhibition

Chicago Exhibition



Exibition Photo Wall

[Environmental protection]

The company advocates green environmental protection to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. We have formulated strict environmental protection measures and planted a large number of green trees inside the company. and strict environmental protection measures are developed.Moreover, noise and exhaust emission are effectively controlled, meeting the standard requirements of the environmental protection department.


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