IFA exhibition Henglong Innovative Houseware恒隆家居创新用品
【2018-9-2 ~ 9-5】IFA 2018 ,Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin Germany Look forward to coming to your guide!
canton fair henglong plastic news image恒隆家居创新用品
【2018-10-23 ~10-27】124th Canton Fair, Look forward to coming to your guide!

【2018-8-8】Congratulations on our company's participation in the "Qichao Cup" to win the professional group award

2018年8月8日,第六届江门“启超杯”国际创意设计大赛在江门市商务局举行了颁奖仪式。江门市商务局 党组成员、中国贸易促进会江门市委员会会长李汉高、江门市出口产品创意设计协会会长林学敏等嘉宾出席了本 次颁奖仪式。
由江门市商务局主办、江门市出口产品创意设计协会及江门市创意设计中心承办的江门“启超杯”创意设 计大赛,前身为江门市“五邑杯”创新 工业设计大赛,作为一项推动本地自主创新、产业升级而举办的设计竞 赛活动,到今年已是第六届。

On August 8, 2018, the 6th Jiangmen “Qichao Cup” International Creative Design Competition was held at the Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Li Hanao, member of the Party Committee of the Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of Trade, Jiangmen City Committee, and Lin Xuemin, President of the Jiangmen Export Product Creative Design Association, attended the ceremony.
Jiangmen City, hosted by Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jiangmen City Export Product Creative Design Association and Jiangmen Creative Design Center The Qi Chao Cup “Creative Design Competition”, formerly known as the “Five Cups” Innovation Industrial Design Competition in Jiangmen City, serves as a driving force for local autonomy.The design competition held by innovation and industrial upgrading is the sixth in this year.
Our entry “Soap Dish with Pump Head” won the Professional Group Excellence Award and I would like to congratulate you.